ManaEZ ROM Elite

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The ManaEZ Rom Elite adjustable knee brace allows the user to adjust the length of the brace for custom fitting. This product is ideal for knee ligament damage, knee surgeries, and instability of the knee. The ManaEZ Rom Elite is designed for post-operative fixation, allowing the doctor to lock the patient into extension and control range of motion as prescribed. ManaEZ ROM Elite is a quick fitting, universal, telescoping, and drop lock post op knee brace. The brace has a unique malleable bar system to conform to all shapes and sizes.

  • Telescoping and malleable hinge bars extendable from 16.5" - 27" (42cm - 68.5cm)
  • Hinge range of motion adjustment: Flexion (0° - 120°) and extension (0° - 90°)
  • Quick lock key offers ability to control and lock out the hinge motion to 0°, 15°, and 30° directly
  • Lightweight, latex free breathable material
  • Easy application, universal size with hook and buckle closure, design fits either leg

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